saturday november 17th 2018
8:30 PM

Piazza Cavour 3 - Montalcino

Pizza & Peace

will make us discover the world of the pizza gourmet

In the year of Italian food we have chosen one of the most representative symbols of the national culinary art for the dinner of Barolobrunello 2018: Pizza.
We will discover that the pizza in its simplicity, can become a refined food and that expresses great complexity.

The gala dinner, whose collection will be completely donated to charity, will be curated by Pizza & Peace, a nonprofit organization, born to spread the culture of pizza, training and good practice baking.

Pizza will be served Barolo, Nebbiolo, Brunello e Rosso di Montalcino

Thanks to the generosity of Barolobrunello's Producers and many friends who have known about the project, the seats available for the dinner of Barolobrunello 2018 are exhausted and no longer possible to buy seats.




Associazione Pizza & Peace
Pizza & Peace was born in January 2017 from an idea of four chef and friends: Massimo Giovannini, Graziano Monogrammi, Paolo Pannacci and Giovanni Santarpia. The purpose of the association is to spread the food culture as a union of cultures and philosophies of life for a communion of values between peoples that is based on peace, friendship, education and respect.
Pizza & Peace promotes: organization and participation in conferences, seminars, meetings and events in the sector. It also organizes courses, workshops and exchange opportunities and insights into the same areas and events for raising awareness and fundraising as well as training and improvement courses.

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